Why TON and its altcoins are falling

We know, and we see that TON rate is falling now, and with it many altcoins based on it are falling.

Just like that, the rate will not grow, there are few products, and those that exist are not always finalized. The market cannot exist and the assets in it can not grow if there is no interested audience or not enough of it.

But there is a glimmer of light here: now is the time to prepare for a bull market and so our team after the May holidays with renewed vigor went into work mode and active product refinement with new team members.

Sooner or later the TON ecosystem audience will scale up and we will be at the forefront of skimming the cream off it.



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TGR is a Tegro jetton (token) built on the The Open Network and intended for stimulating liquidity providers, governing the protocol and accumulating rewards.