Update Telegram bot Tegro

We have carried out a rather large update of the Telegram bot and we have something to please you with:

  • The bot began to support the BNB cryptocurrency (!). We also want to note that the bot supports TGR in two networks (TON, BSC) and TON coins;
  • Crypto output added. Until the end of the week, technical work will be carried out in the bot, so we recommend trying out the functionality on small amounts of TGR, TON and BNB cryptocurrencies.

In the foreseeable future, the Telegram bot is expected to list USDT in the TRC-20 network and integrate the payment system using the SDK.

We invite everyone to test! Try, watch, learn :)



Tegro — DeFi & Web3

TGR is a Tegro jetton (token) built on the The Open Network and intended for stimulating liquidity providers, governing the protocol and accumulating rewards.