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Tegro — DeFi & Web3
1 min readMay 17, 2023

Right now, our team is optimizing and creating new functionality for DEX Tegro.Finance and a new Telegram bot. We are also continuing to develop NFT Marketplace Libermall and work on the TGR token.

At the moment, there are several options how to buy TGR tokens:

  • On centralized exchanges;
  • On decentralized exchanges.

Right now, 1 TGR is worth 0.099 TON due to the fact that the TON ecosystem is not yet in wide audience demand, as well as the overwhelming Bitcoin season.

But we continue to develop the project, which will undoubtedly be reflected in an increase in the value of the asset, the development of which you can follow on CoinMarketCap.

In one of the updates of Telegram-bot will appear support for BNB and USDT in TRC-20 network, which will serve as a kind of bridge for tokens.

We continue to develop the project on the foreign market. This will surely play its role in attracting new interested and solvent audience, which will add liquidity to the token.



Tegro — DeFi & Web3

TGR is a Tegro jetton (token) built on the The Open Network and intended for stimulating liquidity providers, governing the protocol and accumulating rewards.