How to buy TGR cryptocurrency quickly in 2023

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3 min readJan 23, 2023

TGR cryptocurrency can be bought on the decentralized exchange Tegro.Finance, which trades in the TON/TGR pair. Before you can buy a project token, you need to buy TON cryptocurrency.

Buying cryptocurrency on DEX Tegro.Finance

Actual ways to buy TON cryptocurrency

On centralized crypto exchanges:

  • EXMO: TON/USDT and TON/BTC trading pairs;
  • CoinEX: TON/USDT and TON/BTC trading pairs;
  • Gate: TON/USDT trading pair;
  • TON/USDT trading pair;
  • MEXC: TON/USDT currency pair;
  • Huobi Global: TON/USDT;
  • Kucoin: TON/USDT currency pair;
  • Bitget: TON/USDT currency pair;
  • Bybit: TON/USDT currency pair.

On decentralized crypto exchanges:

With the help of other services:

  • Mercuryo: the purchase is possible with a bank card;
  • @CryptoBot: purchase and sale of TON is possible through P2P-market.

An easy way to buy TGR tokens

Be careful: before buying cryptocurrency, you need to transfer TON coins to a non-custodial TON wallet, such as Tegro Wallet, Tonkeeper, Tonhub. We’ll show you using Tonkeeper cryptocurrency wallet as an example.

  1. First, download the Tonkeeper wallet: either iOS or Android, depending on your operating system;
Installing the Tonkeeper TON Wallet

2. After opening Tonkeeper, click “Receive” button to copy your TON address and transfer cryptocurrencies from exchange to your crypto wallet.

Copying the TON address of the wallet

3. Then select “Browser” and click Tegro.Finance

Choosing a browser and exchange Tegro.Finance

4. Select “Connect wallet” in the window that appears

Connecting TON Wallet to DEX Tegro.Finance

5. After authorization at the crypto exchange, you must enter in the input field the amount of TON you want to exchange for TGR and click “Exchange”.

A minimum of 0.5 TON must remain on the balance for the network fee.

Exchange of TON coins for TGR tokens

6. Next, in the confirmation window that opens, select “Confirm offer”

Confirmation of receiving TGR tokens

After that, TGR tokens will appear in your TON-wallet balance, congratulations!



Tegro — DeFi & Web3

TGR is a Tegro jetton (token) built on the The Open Network and intended for stimulating liquidity providers, governing the protocol and accumulating rewards.